Personal Recommendations

"Tom Herman's ability as a massage therapist and healer is extraordinary. Indeed, he is truly a talented and gifted individual."
Dr. Hank Battagliola, chiropractor

"My chiropractor recommended that I consult with Tom Herman after four months of chiropractic treatment for back pain had failed to relieve my symptoms. Ater a short treatment program those symptoms resolved and have never returned. Tom's a '10' in my book!"
Susan Woodsen, paralegal

"Tom Herman's combination of nutritional therapy and medical massage is unique and extremely beneficial. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from lower and upper back pain."
Richard Talbert, architectural designer

"When I first went to see Tom Herman, I had chronic yeast and parasite infections. I was tired all the time and constantly felt depleted. My M.D. told me there was nothing that could be done to prevent the recurrences, only to treat the conditions with antibiotics, which made me very sick and wrecked havoc on my system. Tom muscle tested me and recommended nutritional therapy. It's now been almost two years and I have not had a recurrence. I have more energy, my body feels balanced and in sync, which is the way I always hoped I could feel."
Catherine Palmer, actress, college professor

"I became Tom's patient for massage therapy two years ago. I found the therapy to have psychological as well as physical benefits. It helped me become more aware of and comfortable with my body, be more open to new experiences and just generally happier. I found Tom to be conscientious and highly skilled and he was interested in me and in helping me."
Barbara Lesko, computer programer

"Therapeutic massage at the hands of Tom Herman is second to none. Tom is one of the truly gifted."
John Murphy, certified Rolfer and Rolfing movement teacher