Clinical Nutrition

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Diet and Supplements Can Nurture You Back to Health

Manual muscle testing often reveals the need for nutritional therapy. Through the muscle test your own body identifies the precise nutritional supplements needed to solve the problems we have uncovered. Unlike medications, which tend to act by suppressing your symptoms, nutritional therapy works by improving the function of your body.

For example, many people—men as well as women—suffer from yeast infections, an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans. Yeast infections occur in various parts of the body, particularly the intestinal tract and the reproductive organs. You can take medications which will kill off the Candida, but you will have done nothing to alter the internal environment which allowed the overgrowth to develop in the first place.

In a completely healthy body a yeast infection will not occur. With proper nutritional intervention, dietary and supplemental, you can create an environment so healthy the yeast cannot survive. That way, you not only cure the yeast infection, you also prevent recurrences in the future. Furthermore, you avoid any toxic side effects the medication might produce.